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Modern Arbor is a Hobart based professional tree service provider servicing Southern Tasmania and other locations state wide as required.

Owner / manager and tree climber Stuart Primrose is qualified in Biology of Plants (UTAS) and Horticulture/Arboriculture and Conservation and Land Management (TAFE Tasmania).

For your peace of mind. Modern Arbor has public liability insurance to the value of $20 million dollars, and workers compensation insurance for our employees.

We are a registerd contractor with Colliers International and our OH&S systems are independently audited by Noel Arnold and Associates.

We offer a high level knowledge of trees and their biology, and will provide an unbiased opinion of your trees condition and offer management options to help retain your tree, or if necessary, the high level of skill required to remove an unsafe or dead tree. Whether your tree is sixty metres tall or six metres tall we have the skills and training to carry out any work you require to the highest standards.

Modern Arbor is more than just another tree service. We are passionate about trees and are committed to finding new ways of keeping trees safe, healthy and beautiful. At Modern Arbor we understand that trees are important assets that require professional care and maintenance and unlike most other tree services we proudly utilise modern spike-less tree climbing techniques that wont damage the trees you care for.

From complex tree removals over precious property and plants, specialist pruning and installation of tree support systems, or fruit tree pruning for a bumper crop. Modern Arbor can help you care for your assets.

We are committed to ensuring a safe work site for ourselves and our customers and all of our work is genuinely carried out to the Australian standard AS4373 – 2007.

Satisfied customers include residential, commercial, government, local councils and schools.

We offer a wide range of services to enhance your home environment and help keep you safe.

With qualified operators, affordable rates and full insurance for your peace of mind why would you call any one else?

The Arborist's Creed and Principles of Practice

We will keep the thought before us that trees are the friends of man; that from the beginning they have furnished him with food, shelter, clothing, and weapons; that in all ways they make the world more habitable and beautiful for all creatures.

We will do all in our power to subdue insect pests and diseases of trees, and to obviate unfavorable conditions in their environments.

We will endeavor to impart a just appreciation and understanding of trees, as living things, to those with whom we come in contact, but we will divulge our knowledge of tree lore only to those fit and ready to receive it, and then only in so far as they are prepared.

We will not treat a tree for pay if we are convinced that the tree is dying and we cannot save it. Neither will we leave a tree or branch that is a menace to life or property without disclosing the danger to all parties concerned, and suggesting the means that would render it safe.

We will not knowingly use injurious or useless materials or methods in filling, feeding, treating, or spraying trees or shrubbery, nor allow it to be done by others under our charge.

We will perform all services pertaining to our profession to the best of our ability at the time we deem most suitable to gain the best results.

Should we discover a tree with an incurable disease or an uncontrollable insect pest that may threaten surrounding trees, we will draw the attention of the proper persons to the condition so that the menace may be promptly checked. Likewise, if we observe the start of an epidemic of pests or disease which we may check by private means, we will do so.

We will remember that those who employ us possess the virtue of respect for the things of nature and should be appreciated for that trait; and, further, that they may be as fond of the more delicate growth beneath the trees as they are of the trees themselves, so we will use care that our treatment does such growth no avoidable harm.

We will do whatever we may, legally, to prevent the ignorant or wanton destruction or mutilation of trees.

We will disclose no means of surreptitiously destroying trees or shrubbery.

We will endeavor at all times to so conduct ourselves that our craft shall merit the highest respect and esteem of all persons.

We will consistently strive to improve our craft.

Further, our fellow-workers and competitors, if they be true craftsmen, have like problems and strivings, and we will accord them the same consideration that we expect ourselves.

Millard F Blair, Author

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