For safe, healthy,
beautiful trees.

Concerned about a tree or
branch falling on your property?

Does your favourite tree need
some extra care?

Have you prepared
your property?

Modern Arbor Professional Tree Services can help you protect your family & property, through the careful removal of trees and other vegetation.

We can help with the construction of firebreaks, carry out maintenance of your existing firebreak, and offer advice on fire retardant plants for your garden.

Elm trees on your property?

You may have Elm Leaf Beetles. We can provide a range of control methods to help keep your Elms healthy and looking good.

We utilise the only no drill tree injection system in southern Tasmania.

Keep the Carbon in your garden.

Modern Arbor can help you recycle and make use of your unwanted trees.

We are able to turn them into useful timber, mulch, firewood or a garden sculpture.

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Professional Tree Services

Welcome to the home of ethical tree care.

Modern Arbor Professional Tree Services are more than just another tree service! We are committed to finding new ways of keeping trees safe, healthy and beautiful. 

At Modern Arbor we understand that trees are important assets that require professional care and maintenance. Unlike many other tree services we proudly utilise modern non-invasive tree climbing techniques that wont damage the trees you care for.

With qualified operators, affordable rates and full insurance for your peace of mind why would you call any one else?

Professional Tree Services

From complex pruning or tree removals over precious property and plants, to the installation of modern tree support systems or fruit tree pruning for a bumper crop. Modern Arbor can help you care for your assets. Satisfied customers include residential, commercial, government, local councils and schools. We offer a wide range of services to enhance your home environment and help keep you safe.

Tree surgery & removal

Firebreak construction

Safety assessments

Arborist Reports

Tree recycling

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